In February 2024, Geocore joined the British Drilling Association (BDA), a great achievement for the company. The BDA is committed to improving health and safety, quality, knowledge and ability within the drilling industry.

BDA membership ensures our clients can be confident that our work is being carried out safely, our workforce are highly skilled and the end product will be of the highest standard. Our teams and rigs will shortly begin the BDA audit process. The BDA Audit satisfies British Standards (BS 22475 Part 2 and 3), the UK Specification for Ground investigation and Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM), regarding the need to prove the ongoing competence of drilling operatives.

The importance of the BDA

The BDA brings high-quality drilling companies together from across the UK, encouraging collaboration and the exchange of knowledge among members. By being part of the association, drilling companies can access expertise, resources, and industry best practices.

Membership encourages continuous improvement in drilling techniques, health and safety standards and sustainability initiatives. The British Drilling Association also plays a vital role in advocating for the interests of its members. It ensures that quality drilling companies have a say in policy decisions and ensure that regulations are fair for businesses across the country.