Geocore was contracted by Curtins to undertake a project at a hospital in Leeds. The project involved several teams from within Geocore and required us to carry out rotary drilling, windowless sampling, the use of one of our smaller tracked rigs and hand pitting.

The team drilled 17 rotary Geobore-S holes up to 25 metres and installed gas and monitoring wells. Each borehole proved tricky due to artesian water being present in each location. Our Commachio 405 drilling rig was utilised on this project, using air mist.

The team also carried out 50 window sampling holes with a smaller tracked rig, with installations once again in the majority of locations.

A further team on site excavated 24 handpits; eighteen of these were carried out using TRL probes. Twenty-two trial pits were excavated using a JCB and the team also carried out soakaways and CBR tests.

The site was a live hospital and the team managed extremely well under strict and tight conditions. We completed the work on time, resulting in a happy client.