The team was on-site for 18 days on a local project. The first few days involved punching through opencast backfill to depths of 5, 10 and 15 m, a total of 330 m of drilling

This was over six locations, with the sole intention of creating a hole in which to drop pipework for inundation testing at a later date. It then progressed to a series of transects of holes across an opencast highwall, drilling seven boreholes in a line across the highwall. The exact position of each hole was determined and reviewed as data became available on-site, and the engineer instructed where to drill each location. Borehole depths were between 2 m and 18 m depending on the profile of the highwall. Rockhead depth data were retrieved so that the client could provide a profile of the highwall. Once a Coal Authority permit was in place, the team commenced rotary drilling. Nine holes were drilled through around 18 m of opencast backfill and up to 20 m beyond (38 m total depth). These were followed by a further ten holes in greenfield land to around 30 m in depth. During this phase, the rig was also used to form some shallow (4 m) holes to enable the client to install gas monitoring wells.