Geocore Site Investigations was contracted by McLarens loss adjustor to undertake drainage repairs on a school local to Geocore’s head office in Redcar.

The team had carried out a CCTV drainage survey 12 months prior, which consisted of 113 drain runs on site. Footage was assessed and the team discovered serious issues with drainage, which were in desperate need of repair. Due to the complexity of the repairs, it took two of our teams a full four days to complete the work.

19 separate repairs were carried out to various areas of the drainage system in accordance with our recommendations in the original report. These included excavating and replacing gullies, patch lining, high pressure water cleaning, toilet removal, super flex lining installations and the removal of concrete.

Once repairs were completed, the team carried out another in-depth CCTV survey to confirm the drainage system was healthy again and all blockages had been removed.

Due to the location of the work, Geocore had to carry out the project during school holidays for health and safety reasons. The work was completed in time for the school reopening after the half term, with a fully functioning drainage system for all.