Creating cost-effective and bespoke domestic subsidence services for two decades

Subsidence refers to the ground sinking owing to underground material moving, primarily because of removing water, oil, gas or other mineral sources via pumping, fracking or any other overground mining activity. It may also be caused by trees and shrubs, which can absorb significant volumes of water from the soil. Numerous hazards are associated with such activities, including sinkholes and inadequate foundational structures.

Subsidence in a domestic setting can cause the building’s foundation to move, leading to costly construction and/or engineering stability work, in addition to increased insurance premiums. Our two decades of delivering domestic subsidence site investigations for insurance companies and loss adjusters have enabled us to create several bespoke services. We tailor our investigations to meet our clients’ specific requirements and key performance indicators.

Our reports

  • Internal and/or external boreholes
  • Dynamic sampling and probing
  • Geotechnical soil testing
  • Root analysis
  • Deep datum installation
  • Drainage CCTV investigations, recommendations and repairs

Other services