Geocore is a ground source drilling specialist working throughout the UK

Geocore is a ground source drilling specialist working throughout the UK. We are proud to operate in the renewables sector, working to change the way that we live and work for a more sustainable future. Ground source drilling – also known as geothermal drilling – involves drilling vertically into the surface to depths of 50–300 m and inserting either a 32- or 40-mm loop that circulates a water–antifreeze mixture.

Ground source heat retrieval involves pumping the fluid through pipes because the mixture is at a lower temperature than the ground. This low-grade heat is transferred to a heat pump, where it is used to heat the refrigerant inside a heat pump unit. The unit compresses the warmed refrigerant to create more heat. The output from the heat pump is typically 45–50°C for interior space heating and up to 55°C for domestic hot water. A closed loop system is typically installed where groundwater cannot be used to circulate through a heat transfer pump.

Experienced ground source drilling crews

Our team of ground source drilling crews has experience of all ground conditions across the UK. Using the latest purpose-built drilling rigs, we offer the most efficient and least disruptive service to install ground loop fields. Investment in equipment enables us to stay ahead of the competition and to fulfil our goal of delivering quality.

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